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1724 F Street, Northwest 
Washington 25, D. C. 

M.L. 276 (Monthly list of documents released by the NACA during March 1950) 

Libraries in most of the important cities throughout the country, as well as 
libraries of schools, manufacturers, and other organizations dealing with aeronautics, 
are supplied copies of these publications for reference. 


TN 2027 Friction and Wear of Hot-Pressed Bearing Materials Containing 
Molybdenum Disulfide. 
By: Robert L. Johnson, Max A. Swikert, and Edmond E. Bisson. 

TN 2039 Investigation of Fretting Corrosion by Microscopic Observation. 
By: Douglas Godfrey. 

TN 2043 Experimental Analysis of a Pressure -Sensitive System for Sensing 
Gas Temperature. 
By: Richard S. Cesaro, Robert J. Koenig, and George J. Pack. 

TN 2044 Pressure Distribution and Some Effects of Viscosity on Slender Inclined 
Bodies of Revolution. 
By: H. Julian Allen. 

TN 2045 Approximate Turbulent Boundary-Layer Development in Plane 
Compressible Flow along Therm ally Insulated Surfaces with 
Application to Supersonic -Tunnel Contour Correction. 
By: Maurice Tucker. 

TN 2046 A Method of Calibrating Airspeed Installations on Airplanes at Transonic 
and Supersonic Speeds by Use of Temperature Measurements. 
By: John A. Zalovcik. 

TN 2047 Pressure Distribution and Damping in Steady Roll at Supersonic Mach 
Numbers of Flat Swept-Back Wings with Subsonic Edges. 
By: Harold J. Walker and Mary B. Ballantyne. 

TN 2048 Theoretical Lift and Damping in Roll of Thin Sweptback Tapered Wings 
with Raked -In and Cross -Stream Wing Tips at Supersonic Speeds. 
Subsonic Leading Edges. 
By: Kenneth Margolis. 

TN 2049 Analysis of Factors Influencing the Stability Characteristics of 
Symmetrical Twin-Intake Air-Induction Systems. 
By: Norman J. Martin and Curt A. Holzhauser. 


TN 2050 Properties of a Boron Carbide -Iron Ceramal. 
By: W. G. Lidman and H. J. Hamjian. 

TN 2051 Spin-Tunnel Investigation to Determine the Effect on Spin Recoveries of 
Reducing the Opening Shock Load of Spin-Recovery Parachutes. 
By: Ira P. Jones, Jr. and Walter J. Klinar. 

TN 2052 Effects of an Aging Treatment on Life of Small Cast Vitallium Gas- 
Turbine Blades. 
By: Charles A. Hoffman and Charles Yaker. 

TN 2053 Effect of Heat and Power Extraction on Turbojet-Engine Performance. 
I - Analytical Method of Performance Evaluation with Compressor- 
Outlet Air Bleed. 
By: Reece V. Hens ley, Frank E. Rom, and Stanley L. Koutz. 

TN 2055 Tables of Wing-Aileron Coefficients of Oscillating Air Forces for 
Two -Dimensional Supersonic Flow. 
By: Vera Huckel and Barbara J. Durling. 

TN 2056 Velocity Distribution on Wing Sections of Arbitrary Shape in Compressible 
Potential FLow. HI - Circulatory Flows Obeying the Simplified 
Density -Speed Relation. 
By: Lip man Bers. 

TN 2057 A Method of Computing Subsonic Flows around Given Airfoils. 
By: Abe Gelbart and Daniel Resch. 

TN 2060 A Recurrence Matrix Solution for the Dynamic Response of Aircraft 
in Gusts. 
By: John C. Houbolt. 

TN 2061 The Effect of Rate of Change of Angle of Attack on the Maximum Lift of 
a Small Model. 
By: Paul W. Harper and Roy E. Flanigan. 

TN 2062 Dynamic Similitude between a Model and a FuH-Scale Body for Model 
Investigation at Full -Scale Mach Number. 
By: Anshal I. Neihouse and Philip W. Pepoon. 

TN 2072 An Investigation of Aircraft Heaters. XXXIH - Experimental Determination 
of Thermal and Hydrodynamical Behavior of Air Flowing along Finned 

By: L. M. K. Boelter, R. Leasure, F. E. Romie, V. D. Sanders, 
W. R. Elswick, and G. Young. 


M.L. 276 REPORTS 3. 

Rept. 903 Theoretical and Experimental Data for a Number of NACA 6A -Series 
Airfoil Sections. 
By: Laurence K. Loftin, Jr. 
Formerly issued as TN 1368. 

Rept. 911 Lifting -Surface -Theory Aspect-Ratio Corrections to the Lift and Hinge - 
Moment Parameters for Full -Span Elevators on Horizontal Tail 

By: Robert S. Swanson and Stewart M. Crandall. 
Formerly issued as TN 1175. 

Rept. 922 Characteristics of Low -Aspect-Ratio Wings at Supercritical Mach Numbers. 
By: John Stack and W. F. Lindsey. 
Formerly issued as TN 1665. 

Rept. 928 Analysis of Performance of Jet Engine from Characteristics of Components, 
n - Interaction of Components as Determined from Engine Operation. 
By: Arthur W. Goldstein, Sumner Alpert, William Beede, and Karl Kovach. 
Formerly issued as TN 1701. 


TM 1279 Two -Dimensional Symmetrical Inlets with External Compression. 
By: P. Ruden. 

NACA-Langley - 4-4-50 - 1650 


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